Help to do good by donating hope.

You can now offer the option to your customers to contribute to a charity over 2 million charity organisations globally.

How do Aklamio donations work?

1. Setup your promotion to reward donations

2. Select the causes you want to exclude from your promotion

3. Your customers make a donation to a cause of their preference once their reward is confirmed

Flexible rewards

Retention, loyalty or upgrades. Find your reason for rewarding your customers with Aklamio Cashback, upload it to to your Reward Generation screen and our reward rules will match it to the right cashback value.

Great customer experience

Customers have a seamless experience, no matter whether you are just rewarding with donations or a mixture of any of our other fulfilment types.

Simple operations for you

For you, everything stays the same. No need to get your finance team onboard dealing with the complexity of donations. We take care of everything. No accounting, engineering or customer support necessary.

Do good

You always wanted to do more interesting incentives? Now it is possible to do good, while reaching your marketing goals.

The integration with our donation provider allows quick program setup

In cooperation with our donation provider, we facilitate a transparent and hassle-free donation process to over 2 million charity organisations globally, ensuring that your and your customers’ generosity reaches a wide array of causes around the world.


Reward example: Both you and your friend will earn £50 cash and a £50 donation of your choice.

Integrated yet?

If you haven’t integrated yet with Aklamio, now it is time to do so. Book a demo below and we will guide you through the steps needed to integrate with us and enjoy the benefits of a powerful incentive marketing platform.

In case you have an existing integration with us, there is no extra effort from your side needed to make donations available for your campaigns.

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