Carbon Offsetting

Use Aklamio’s referral and cash back programs and reward your users in a sustainable way

Use Aklamio’s acquisition, retention and upselling flexible campaigns and reward your users in a sustainable way.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Through our carbon offsetting solution, customers can reduce their carbon footprint by planting trees. This is achieved through our partner, Tree Nation, a non-profit organization that allows companies to plant trees all around the world.


Customers can see the species and locations of the trees that were planted through their account, and see how much CO2 they have offset.

Added brand value

Carbon offsetting will boost your brand and make it more relevant in the age of sustainability. It gives your customers the chance to give back to the planet, while feeling more connected to your brand.

Simple and quick fulfilment

Customers have a seamless experience in which they don’t have to take any extra steps. Their trees are planted once the conversion is confirmed.

No maintenance effort

Our customer support team handles reward fulfilment and answers all customer inquiries related to the program. This way, you can focus on your core business.

Additional rewards

Planting trees as a reward will greatly enhance your existing referral and cash back programs. You can permanently include carbon offsetting in your rewards or just for special occasions, such as Earth Week.

Run a cash-back program that also offsets the carbon footprint

Set up a cash-back program that allows your customers to earn money back on any qualifying purchases they make. Promote it, by also offsetting their carbon footprint from any purchase.


Reward example: Earn 50 Euros cash back and have 10 trees planted on your behalf! This will more than offset the carbon footprint of your purchase.

Run a referral program that also offsets the carbon footprint

Reward your customers with a flexible combination of cash and trees when they refer or follow a referral.
Do good for each other and for the planet!


Reward example: Both you and your friend will earn 50 Euros cash and have each 5 trees planted on your behalf to make earth a greener place.

The trees we plant- are your user’s trees

Trees are planted on your behalf for your customers. Your customers will be able to see the trees that were planted in their name. Over time you will grow a company forest that can be used to further promote your programs.

User-friendly Incentives Dashboard

Our customer dashboard and balance page clearly indicate which rewards, in cash or trees are available for each user.


Users can then go ahead and see their contribution over time, and also your overall brand’s forest- and the contribution the brand is generating to a better, greener planet.

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