Claim by Link

Run rewards now with our no-code solution.

No time or resources to integrate Aklamio’s tracking tech? We built a solution that will engage your customers to confirm their orders and get rewarded.

Aklamio Claim by Link brings…

No-code: get started in no time
Target special audiences
The same seamless Aklamio portal UX
Set rewards by product name or category
Performance reports
Anti-fraud tactics built-in

Incentivize customers anywhere!

The most effective customer incentive programs meet your customers where they already are. With our new « Claim by Link » tracking, you can now include all 3rd party resellers. No integrations or extra efforts required.
Customers claim their rewards on their own.

You need proof of purchase or receipt? The claim form allows customers to upload their receipt as a .pdf, .jpg or .png. Now, you can feel secure that these sales are a direct result of your incentive programs.

Prefer a programmatic solution?

Our Tracking API offers a straightforward client-to-server or server-to-server integration for your web shop or mobile apps. Learn more on our developer’s page.

An incentives platform that grows your revenue

Discover how Aklamio
can boost your business.

Run successful referral programs and enrich your customers’ experience