How Aklamio achieved 24% conversion uplift across all programs!

Through extensive experimentation and improvements, including A/B tests, on customer and agent interactions, we’ve recently achieved impressive boosts in performance, with some programs exceeding expectations. But we’re not done yet. As we venture further into 2024, we stay committed to your success.

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Key improvements:

We enhanced the program landing page experience to improve the ease of value discovery for new customers resulting in a 15.4% uplift in conversions.
We addressed friction points in your prospects’ experience, resulting in a notable 6% conversion uplift across all programs.
We’ve revamped the Aklamio Backoffice interface and provided your agents with clearer navigation and comprehensive insights into their program performance, empowering them to operate more efficiently.

We’re the market leader for good reasons.

We are pleased to highlight an impressive average improvement of 24% across all our programs, with some experiencing uplifts as high as 55%!

These upgrades impact many areas of the customer journey, from refining our landing pages for new customers and addressing prospects drop-offs, to enhancing the Backoffice experience for your agents.


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