Rewards Engine

Set the rules, cross-check the conditions, and deliver the rewards to your customers with the rewards engine module.

Once your customer has taken action, a decision needs to be made whether a reward should be paid out or not. That’s where the Rewards Engine comes in. Think of it as a judge who sets the rules, cross-checks the conditions, and then delivers a final verdict. You decide the rules. One example is, “If a user signs up, they earn €5 cashback.” The rules can be as simple as that or more complex to suit your criteria.

Product & customer-level rewarding:

We maximize the ability and reach of your programs by tying incentives to particular products or quantities, encouraging customers to upsell. In addition to this, you could predetermine specific attributes, such as regions, new or existing customers, or the amount they’re spending.

Manage tiered rewards:

With tiered rewards, you have the freedom to increase rewards for customers who are very active or have done considerable business with you. For example, you could have a larger incentive payout for a referral if the customer qualifies as a solid or loyal advocate.




Insights & Analytics